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Postcard from León

[About July 9, 2014]

Hi everyone,

Today we are in León, which is a little over halfway to Santiago. We visited the cathedral with amazing stained-glass windows, but personally I liked the quiet, non-touristy basilica better, where the Blessed Sacrament was in exposition. We had an amazing lunch which included fried calamari and fillet of sole (trust me, it’s not like this all the time).

Kelsey and I have been cooking in the albergues [that have] kitchens — fried rice, rice with veggies, rice with chorizo, cheesy rice, etc. I am getting very good with rice. I was serious about [you bringing a peanut butter & jelly sandwich to the airport when you pick me up], by the way. Also, strawberries would be great. Every tienda in [this part of] Spain has the same selection of canned vegetables and sad-looking fruits. I’m excited to leave the meseta and hike some hills again.

Love you all,


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