Camino de Frances, Camino de Santiago, Personal stories

Day 21 — Rebecca Writes

[July 4th, 2014]

Hi Dad!

It’s Becca. I miss you guys. Yesterday I finally met some Hungarians [of interest because her maternal grandparents are from Hungary], two women, and I ran into the room when I heard “I’m from Hungary.” Then today someone greeted me with “Jó napot!” [Good day!]” and I was pleased with myself for recognizing it and saying “Hungaria!” [?], although of course I should have said “Magyarország” [Hungary].

We miss the history lessons [from Tom]. I have been officially adopted into the [organizer’s] family (we have crossed too many personal boundaries for me not to be). I wish mom were here to identify the interesting plants for us, especially when it’s a crop that’s not wheat and is a change from the monotony. We saw an interesting plant yesterday that Jill says is opium [opium poppy? — Papaver somniferum]. I feel like I have something else to tell you, but of course I forgot. Oh, wait! I finally got a blister. How strange, now that [the territory is] flat. Ok, dinner time!

Love you all.


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