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Day 8 — Puenta la Reina to Villatuerta

[Saturday, June 21st, 2014]

140621 01 Cemetery just after Maneru
Cemetery just after Maneru

140621 02 Hiking up to Cirauqui at 8 am
Hiking up to Cirauqui at 8 a.m.

140621 03 resting on bridge about 1km bfr Lorca
Resting on a bridge about 1 km before Lorca

140621 04 statue of S Apostle over doorway
Statue of Santiago Apostol (St. James the Apostle) over a doorway
Arrived and checked into albergue La Casa Magica. (My book has it under a different name. Appears there is only one albergue in Villatuerta.) When we got here the host was at great pains to explain that the youth fiesta going on in the square outside, with amplified music and singing, would continue until 5:00 am in the morning. We all said no problem.

We got here about 1 pm. Becca, Gavin and Kelsey went out to get us pizza for lunch. Next is showers and laundry.

It was much nicer hiking in the morning cool.

We plan to cook dinner in the kitchen here and then leave tomorrow morning again at 5:45.

Love, Tom
Turns out we weren’t supposed to use the kitchen at the albergue (both Jill’s and my guide books said this place had a kitchen you could use, but I guess that is one other thing that has changed since the guide books were printed).

The host was very apologetic (we had already bought food and started to cook). She said if we finished and cleaned up by 4:00 pm when the albergue chef arrived to cook dinner (13 euros; guests could sign up for), it would be okay. So Rosa hurried up the cooking and we had dinner at 3:00 pm. Then the host was so apologetic and over our objections opened a bottle of white wine and a bottle of red wine for us. Rosa’s dinner was amazingly good.

Anyway now it is 4:00 pm and rest time, although Becca and Kelsey still have to shower and do laundry because they were so busy with getting food and getting dinner ready that they have had no time yet.

Love, Tom
The gang here is having a repacking party, going through their entire packs and deciding what they can do without and send home with me. Becca left her towel at the albergue two nights ago so she will take my towel. Jill also wants Becca to take my Camino guidebook (same as the one you have) which is newer than Jill’s and often has different information.

The local church has Mass tonight (Saturday) at 8:00 pm. We plan to get all packed up ready for bed, go to Mass, then go to bed. Then we will get up at 5:15 a.m., leave the albergue at 5:45, and start hiking. The Irache wine fountain is 7+ km away, and we plan to be there at 8 a.m. when it opens (according to our guidebook).

We will probably spend an hour there, and the adjacent monastery might even give us a stamp in our credencial. Then I will say goodbye to the group. I will either take a bus or taxi (or walk, if necessary, 3+ km) back to the main bus station in Estella, where our hostess has assured me that busses will run on Sunday to Logrono.

Today I hiked in shorts for the first time. I zipped off the long pants legs and lathered up good with sun lotion. It worked well and I did not feel as hot. Current temperature here in Villatuerta is 88 degrees F.

There does not seem to be any cell coverage here, but the albergue has good WiFi. E-mail if you want to try Skype.
[We had a Skype conversation about 6 p.m. Spanish time. The picture and sound were pretty sketchy. There had been a thunderstorm last night and it started to rain while Tom and I were talking, and the call dropped. He had gone outside to bring in his laundry, then he called back. He went up to the room where the five women were to spend the night. I think I got a glimpse of Rebecca, and then Tom got Jill into the picture. She put her feet up to the camera (probably showing me blisters or callouses), but the resolution was very poor. But those I saw seemed in good spirits. Jill asked for prayers for everyone’s sore feet.]


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