Camino de Frances, Camino de Santiago, Personal stories

Day 5 — Trinidad de Arre via Pamplona to Cizur Menor

[June 18th, 2014]

[Tom:] I had an easier day [than yesterday]. We hiked only about 10 km today and there was not nearly as much uphill. But Rosa has bunions that are really hurting her when she walks and she will take a taxi tomorrow. She will also take Jill’s pack so Jill can walk without a load.

Today we slept in until 7 am. We left the albergue at 8 am and hiked to a cafe about three blocks away for breakfast:
140618 01 breakfast cafe

We left there about 45 minutes later and hiked to Pamplona. In Pamplona we first went to the statue of the running of the bulls and took photos [Pamplona, Spain, is famous for the Fiesta de San Fermines, in which six bulls are released daily from July 6-14, to run a course through the city through the plaza]:
140618 02 running bulls statue

[“The scallop shell, often found on the shores in Galicia, has long been the symbol of the Camino de Santiago.” — Wikipedia. Here is a Camino marker in the Pamplona sidewalks:]
140618 03 Camino marker Pamplona

Hiking through a park in Pamplona:
140618 04 park in Pamplona

Then we went to Plaza del Castillo and seated ourselves at the Cafe Iruna, [where we relaxed with some iced lemonades…] It was about 11 am [and the weather was nice and mild] …. Jill, Gail and Rosa watched the backpacks while Becca and Garin went to explore the city. Kelsey and I went to visit the Cathedral. We regrouped at the cafe at 12:30 and then ordered lunch. We left about 1:30 on the hike to Cizur Menor, which is just over 5 km.

We got to Cizur Menor at about 3 pm and found beds in the Orden de Malta [Order of Malta] albergue. It is really nice and the volunteer hospitaleros are super friendly. [Pamplona from our albergue in Cizur Menor:]
140618 05 Pamplona from Cizur Menor

Placard on our albergue in Cizur Menor “Order of Malta Hospital Foundation”:
140618 06 placard at CM albergue


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