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Day 4 — Zubiri to Trinidad de Arre

[June 17th, 2014]
Start hiking 6:35.
Stopped at cafe for breakfast 6:40.
[We will hike] to Trinidad de Arre just short of Pamplona. [from Tom]
10:25 taking break at cafe at Zuriain. Tending to some people’s feet —
Kelsey taking a picture of Jill, Gail, and Rosa’s feet.[from Tom]
140617 to Trinidad de Arre 05
Break turned into lunch break. Everybody is relaxing. [from Tom]
140617 to Trinidad de Arre Zuriain cafe
Becca seated and other members of our group. Packs on left. [from Tom]
140617 to Trinidad de Arre 03
Pilgrim hiking statue at cafe Pasada due Zuriain.
Arrived Trinidad de Arre:

This town usually just called “Arre” on the Camino hiking signs.

We left the albergue in Zubiri about 6:35 and hiked down the street about 200 feet to a cafe that advertised “pilgrim breakfast opens 6 am.” I had a cafe con leche and a tortilla con jamon y queso. The tortilla is a potato and egg “pancake” about 3/4 inch thick and for “jamon y queso” they slice it in half and put in ham and cheese and bake it a little until the cheese melts. Yummy.

We left the cafe about 7:30 am. Becca took my picture as we were getting started. [Picture below]
140617 to Trinidad de Arre 01

Today we made the procedure of setting a join-up point about 5 km ahead and letting everyone hike at their own pace. I stayed back with Jill to make sure she did not get into any trouble. Becca and Garin would hike way in front. The first point was Larraosoana, then Zubiri. When Jill and I (and Kelsey and Rosa) came over the bridge into Zubiri, we found Becca, Garin and Gail ensconced at a cafe right on the water after the bridge. The cafe was called “Pasada de Zubiri” which means Stopping Place of Zubiri. Our break turned into a lunch break. Gail, Rosa and Jill tended to their feet. It was a really nice place. We spent about an hour there, from 10:30 to 11:30.

Jill switched to sandals for hiking, so we set the next point to the bridge at Antxoritz only 1 km away. Then the bridge after Irotz, then the picnic area after Zabaldica.
Wheat field with Zabaldica in background:
140617 to Trinidad de Arre 04
Then we set the join-up point to Arre and told Becca and Garin to see if they could check all seven of us into the Hermanos Maristas albergue which is just after the bridge.

That is where we are now. It is a wonderful place. There is a courtyard, an oratory (small chapel), a kitchen, living room, bathrooms, showers, along with the dormitories.

We got here about 2 pm. I have showered, washed my clothes, and hung them on the clothesline to dry. People are checking out arrangements for dinner. There is a nearby mass at 7:30 pm after which we will go to sleep.

Tomorrow’s plan is to hike into Pamplona and explore the city for several hours before hiking on to Cizur Menor. That will give us less than 10 km hiking, so it will be an easy day. Jill, Gail and Rosa plan to find some nice place to sit and rest and guard the packs while others explore Pamplona.

Love, Tom
Email exchange:
Me: Is Jill okay? Are her feet hurting a lot? Love, C
Tom: Well, her feet are hurting, but so far she is dealing with it.


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