Camino de Frances, Camino de Santiago, Personal stories

Day 3 — Roncesvalles to Zubiri

[June 16th]
Left Roncesvalles 6:05 am.
Breakfast at Espinal 8 am.
Break at Gerendiain 10:15 am.

140616 00 On the way to Zubiri 01
Waiting at Lintzoain. [Tom]
140616 00 On the way to Zubiri 02
Trail with telephone pole on right. [Tom]
Arrived [in Zubiri] at about 3 pm. Everyone pooped except Becca and Garin. Checked into Municipal Albergue at 8 euro per person per night. Pretty nice place. Rooms of two bunks to six bunks. We have beds in three adjacent rooms. Showered, washed clothes, and hung them on clothesline to dry. Sent out Becca and Garin to scout out ATM machines and restaurants. Resting now.

Love, Tom

140616 01 Sign in Zubiri

[It says, “We speak English, German, Spanish, Hungarian”]

Becca spotted this sign. Knew you would like it. [Tom]
[Because my parents are from Hungary and I can speak some Hungarian.]

140616 01 Sign in Zubiri 02 z

Another sign [at the] same place. [Tom]
[It says, “We speak English, We speak German, We speak Spanish, We are Hungarian”]

We have reservations for a five course pilgrim dinner at 7 pm. Cost 12 euros. Then we will probably go to bed soon after.
Jill had a hard time today. Gail is helping her lighten an reorganize her pack.



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