Camino de Frances, Camino de Santiago, Personal stories

Day 2 — Valcarlos to Roncesvalles

[Today’s route — about 7 or 8 miles]

140615d x to Roncesvalles

[June 15th] Here we are taking a rest stop. We have just come back to the highway after a trek on gravel paths through the woods.

Love, Tom
140615f to Roncesvalles x

We had a rest stop in the shade near here. There was a tap but a sign said not guaranteed safe to drink – but it was still good for getting your hat wet.

Then it was more hiking, further uphill.


[Picture did not come through.]
Here we were at Ibaneta pass having lunch. Whew, the high point of the hike. From here it is downhill 1.5 km to Roncesvalles.

Pilgrim mass is at 6 pm.
Then we have reservations for pilgrim dinner at 7 pm.
I am sure we will be asleep by 9 pm.

Love, Tom


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