Camino de Frances, Camino de Santiago, Personal stories

The Six Arrive in Europe (Barcelona, Spain)

Jill, the organizer of the six, wrote this on June 9th or 10th [I don’t know what TUNA means]:


Hi everyone,

The six of us arrived safe and sound, found our pension and got a local cell phone. […] I will not have the phone on most of the day while we are walking but will have it on in the evenings. Spain is 9 hours ahead of San Francisco time so this should work out fine. [So far (June 15th) Jill is able to receive calls but is unable to call out.]

So far, the food is great. We got our first ¨Buen Camino!¨ today right when we got off the Metro. We asked a police officer for directions to our hostel, and he recognized us as pilgrims and told us in broken English that he´d walked the Camino four times, using different routes. We´ve been serenaded 3 times by musicians, the best of which was a TUNA group at dinner (paella & tapas!)

More later. Love you all,

Jill, Rosa, Gail, Rebecca, Kelsey, Garin (el seis peregrinos)


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