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About this Blog

This blog is offered for your enjoyment and edification. I pray you will take what is meaningful for you and leave the rest.


This blog records the journey of my husband, daughter, and five others, on the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage, in June-July-August of 2014. I’ve called it Six Pilgrims Plus One because six of them plan to do the entire Camino, and my husband plans to do only the first week. (After all, he has a job! Well, so do three of the others, but maybe they have more flexibility of time) It will be a journey, not only for them, but for all who love and care about them. I chose to stay home because even though I’m almost sixty, I’m studying at school, and I’ve also had recent health problems (which might be just an excuse).

I will try to add a history of the Camino de Santiago at one point, but here’s a little bit of information:

Below, I’m adding the map from the above website, which shows most of the route which these particularly pilgrims will take (called the “Camino Frances”, “The French Way”). They start in the little town of St. Jean Pied-de-Port (Saint John at the foot of the mountains), France. If you click the link below, it is the first stop on the right of the map.,-5.20752&spn=3.216179,10.986328&z=6&source=embed&dg=feature


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